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 148 Beach 59th St, Far Rockaway, NY 11692

Phone: (718) 634-0331 | Fax :(718) 634-4553

Monday-Friday | 7:30am-6:00pm


Ms. Lisa Paul, Director of Lucille Rose Daycare Center

Ms. Paul is licensed from the state of New York in early childhood education. She has 2 Master's degrees in general and special education for birth to second grade. She has an undergraduate degree in English with a minor in creative
writing. Lisa Paul identifies as a Mother, Pastor, and Educator.
She believes that education is a tactic against the caste system of poverty and racial and class discrimination. She believes equality and justice come through leveling the playing field with the tool of education. She believes and teaches that education should be modeled and coupled with good old-fashioned manners. Her philosophy is that if you teach a child, you are simply drawing out of a child what they were born with. Albert Einstein said, “Education is not the

learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.


About us

Our day care center Lucille Rose Day Care Center, located in Arverne, NY was founded in the mid 1970's by Ms. Lena Cook who was also a president of the Far Rockaway Branch of the  NAACP. It is named after Lucille Rose, the first black female deputy commissioner of the Department of Education.


Our day care center addresses the childcare needs of a vast number of families with a diverse cultural, economic and racial difference. It exists in the Rockaway community to address a lack of services to families managing everyday stress of securing culturally competent care.

Areas of Service

The Lucille Rose Day Care Center services 15 communities in areas including Far Rockaway, Wavecrest, Edgemere, Arverne, Somerville, Hammels, Broad Channel, and Rockaway Beach.

Contact Us

Our address:

148 Beach 59th St,

Far Rockaway, NY 11692


Our phone number is

(718) 634-0331

Fax: (718) 634-4553

Days of operation:


Hours of operation


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