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About Us

ATLED is a private, non-profit organization, envisioned by a group of Queens community women, that was established in 1982 through collaborative efforts of educators, businesses and community volunteers. The mission is to initiate and actively support programs in the Queens community that enhances the physical, emotional, social and intellectual well being of its residents. 

Atled Inc renders service and assistance to raising funds for scholarships and other public service programs. Since 1990, Atled Inc has served as the sponsoring board of Lucille Rose Day Care Center, located on the Rockaway Penisula in Arverne, New York. 

Atled Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, religious, or scientific purposes. As a 501c3, we render service and assist in raising funds for scholarships for community youth and public service programs that benefit the Queens community. Since the early 1990s, we have sponsored Lucille Rose Day Care Center, which provides services for preschool children ages 2 – 5.

Our History

In 1980 a committee was appointed at the request of the Executive Committee of Queens Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated to plan and develop the infrastructure for acquiring property. Those members were Rose Wallace, Olivia C. Banks, Anne Campbell, Attorney Doris Mortis, and Attorney Janice Taylor. We remain committed to render service and assist in raising funds for scholarships for community youth and for public service programs to benefit the Queens community.


Atled Inc sees a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, anti-racist borough evolving. We see ourselves as a resource toward that purpose by supporting under-resourced and under-served families, youth, children, and organizations in our beloved Queens community. We serve as a sponsor and conduit to the community with resources for parents and guardians of children. We offer life skills workshops in the communities we serve. 


Atled Inc. is poised to serve as a change agent impacting the lives of Queens residents through intervening programs for adults, elders, and youth by working alongside our community partners to network our resources for the benefit of parents and guardians of children in and throughout Queens, New York. 


Our mission allows us to support daycare centers, afterschool programs, camps, and education for the community that advocates and celebrates the life and traditions of all of our rich cultures and legacy-making efforts.


Our commitment is to uphold the mission, BY LAWS and CONSTITUTION of ATLED INC by promoting, cultivating, and developing a positive self-image among disadvantaged youth, to promote empowerment and interest in our Queen’s community. We are compelled to ensure the education and community economic growth of underserved and under-recognized people are seen and have access to reach their potential.

About us
Our Services

Services we provide

Community Fiduciary

We are committed to helping under represented communities meet their goals of scholarship, social justice, health and economic empowerment. As a representative of the community, we offer a pathway that meets everyone’s commitment to success for Queens

early ChilDhood Education 

Our daycare cultivates and promote a positive self image among our youth through education and supportive identity development. Click below to learn more about our Lucille Rose Day Care Center.

Community Engagers

We are engaged in building bridges to sustain economically balanced opportunities for the advancement of children youth and family. We promote civic responsibility among the voters by instilling an interest in exercising voting privilege.



Support Our Cause!

Your contribution helps increase the impact education and advocacy has on Queens Families. With your support, we can expand our programs and outreach.

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